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Saturday, August 14, 2010

8/14 Update

The past two days have been very educational. I tried swimming with the wetsuit yesterday and took it off 1600 meters into the swim. I took it off because it was too hot and my shoulders were getting tired. I continued my swim and ended at 4000 meters. The good thing about the swim was that I felt good and could have kept going. I just ordered a sleeveless wetsuit as there is no way that I want to use a full suit for 4.8 miles. I cannot even imagine how tired my shoulders would be after that... I am also looking into the QR speed sleeves to compliment the sleeveless wetsuit.

Today was a rough day. I started my ride around 4:00 AM and felt good for about 4 hours. Once I hit mile 83 I knew I was in trouble as my mouth started to salivate uncontrolably which has been my warning sign for dehydration in the past. It was another 11 miles until a gas station. Things got really ugly for a bit. I ended up stopping for 5 minutes at the gas station to cool my body off and take in some fluids.

After I arrived at home I checked my bike over and was frustrated as my front break was rubbing my wheel. I am not sure what is up with my front brake, but it does not release all the way after braking. After further inspecting my bike I found that the front derailer needs to be dialed in as it rubs the chain in the 2 smallest cogs. The plan is to take it to Higher Ground later today to get it dialed in.

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