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Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/22 - Runs, Swim Clinic, and general comments

This morning I woke at 2:30 AM. I made sure to eat breakfast again as I felt so good yesterday. I started my run at 4:00 AM at Forest Meadows. The general rule is that you should wait at least 2 hours after eating before running, but I run slow enough on my long runs to digest solid food... I felt great until mile 28. Once I hit mile 28 everything starting coming apart. My legs got stiff and every stride was an effort.

I ran miles 12.5-23 with Shannon and Frank. Frank asked me how I can ride 180 miles one day and still be able to run well the next day. I told him that nutrition is a big part of it (pre, during, and post workout). It is one of the areas that most people overlook. I would be happy to share my nutrition with people if they feel like contacting me at chuck@revtricoaching.com.

All that said, I did make 37 miles. This was my "BIGGEST" weekend. From here things start to taper off. The race is less than 4 weeks away...

After the run I spent 3 hours in the sun at the Swim Clinic hosted by Revolutions Triathlon Coaching (www.revtricoaching.com). The clinic raised $400 for the MS Fundraiser. I am very burned (red) right now... It was a LONG day.

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