Welcome to my MS CCSVI research fundraising blog. I am currently training for a double (ultra - 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike, 52.4 mile run) ironman in September of 2010 in an effort to fundraise for MS CCSVI research. You can check out my fundraiser site at http://www.microgiving.com/profile/chuck. I suggest clicking on the "About Me" tab as the MicroGiving.com templates were a little limiting so the profile page did not allow me to add all the content I wanted to add. MicroGiving.com does not keep any of the donations for administration/overhead fee. That means 100% of your donation goes directly to fund CCSVI MS research. For more information about CCSVI you can go to http://csvi-ms.net/en/content/ccsvi-huge-breakthrough-ms. Please help spread the word about my fundraising efforts. Thanks.

Friday, August 20, 2010

8/18-8/19 Updates

Wednesday - PM - 21 mile ride followed by a 9.1 mile run + a core body workout.
Thursday - Lunch - 2100 meters EZ - PM - 32 mile ride followed by a 8.25 mile run.

My right knee felt great for about a week before it started bothering me again the past few days. I am scheduled to see Dr. Thompson today to talk about my knee and my hip. I have been seeing Dr. Van Tassell twice a week to treat my various aches and pains. He has been working on my ITB, hamstrings, hips, and left arch. I can honestly say I believe it is helped as the pain is less intense and less frequent.

Seeley has been working on an article for the local paper about the fundraising effort. I believe it will be published within the next couple of days.

An old college buddy of mine has been helping to spread the word about my efforts and it has resulted in additional denotations. It is nice to know there are supportive people out there. Thanks!

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