Welcome to my MS CCSVI research fundraising blog. I am currently training for a double (ultra - 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike, 52.4 mile run) ironman in September of 2010 in an effort to fundraise for MS CCSVI research. You can check out my fundraiser site at http://www.microgiving.com/profile/chuck. I suggest clicking on the "About Me" tab as the MicroGiving.com templates were a little limiting so the profile page did not allow me to add all the content I wanted to add. MicroGiving.com does not keep any of the donations for administration/overhead fee. That means 100% of your donation goes directly to fund CCSVI MS research. For more information about CCSVI you can go to http://csvi-ms.net/en/content/ccsvi-huge-breakthrough-ms. Please help spread the word about my fundraising efforts. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/17 Meetings, Donations, and Workouts

Yesterday was the monthly Gulf Winds Tri Club meeting. My wife and I attended and talked to the tri club about the fundraiser. Jess shared information about MS, her mom, and CCSVI. I spoke about the Ultra Tri and the swim clinic that Revolutions Triathlon Coaching is hosting to help raise money for the fundraiser. We really appreciate Jeff and Ann Bowman donating their time at the swim clinic to help raise money.

The donations are still coming in. We are getting very close to 50% of our goal. In case anyone if curious about who has donated you can find the list of donors on the donation site (http://www.microgiving.com/profile/chuck).

My motivation was back today. I was no longer tired physically or tired of all the long training. I believe this change came about due to the support given by the tri club at the meeting and the 3 additional donors today. It always motivates me to hear words of encouragement or see people support the fundraising efforts.

Today I swam 7000 meters in the morning and did a brick consisting of a 56 mile bike and 3.4 mile run in the PM. It felt awesome. I would have kept going, but it was late and I need to make sure I am respecting my need for sleep.

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