Welcome to my MS CCSVI research fundraising blog. I am currently training for a double (ultra - 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike, 52.4 mile run) ironman in September of 2010 in an effort to fundraise for MS CCSVI research. You can check out my fundraiser site at http://www.microgiving.com/profile/chuck. I suggest clicking on the "About Me" tab as the MicroGiving.com templates were a little limiting so the profile page did not allow me to add all the content I wanted to add. MicroGiving.com does not keep any of the donations for administration/overhead fee. That means 100% of your donation goes directly to fund CCSVI MS research. For more information about CCSVI you can go to http://csvi-ms.net/en/content/ccsvi-huge-breakthrough-ms. Please help spread the word about my fundraising efforts. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/10 - Fundraiser Update

I took two big gambles today for the fundraiser... I posted a thread on slowtwitch.com looking for advice on what people found to be effective in their fundraising efforts. This is a gamble as slowtwitch can be kind or brutal at times. I am hoping people are kind as my post was well intended and not meant to stir up any trouble.

The second thing I tried was creating a fundraising brochure that I plan to distribute via mail and use to stuff packets at an upcoming race.

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