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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/21 Workouts and venting

My cycling and swimming are continuing to feel good, but my running is a different story. The bike accident on Monday really left my hips messed up. I really wish people would realize how dangerous a vehicle can be and pay more attention while driving. There really is no excuse for a driver to make a left hand turn without looking at the oncoming traffic. The driver who pulled in front of me really did not have an excuse not to see me. There was nothing obstructing his view. It was daylight. I had bright blinking lights flashing on the front of the bike. I had on a colorful jersey. All I can do is try to stay positive and hope that my hips heal and that I can find a way not to lose the run fitness I have worked hard to gain over the many months I have spent training for the Ultra Tri.

Today I rode 61 miles before work, swam 4000 meters during lunch, and ran 9 miles. The run was slow and ended up being pretty painful the last mile (hips...). I had planned on running long (40+ mile) this weekend, but that is not looking too promising right now. I am going to skip running for the next couple days and try again this weekend.

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