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Monday, July 19, 2010

7/19 - Wrecked again!!!

Some people just do not watch while they are driving. I was a quarter mile from work when a truck made a left hand turn in front of me. I was heading downhill 30+ mph... He had to cross an island that separated the two sides of the road to turn into his work place. I sat up when I saw him approach the turn and started to slow. He proceeded to cross the street at a snails pace and blocked both lanes. There was no way that I was going to be able to stop in time so I had to either hit him or go down. I chose the latter and went down on my elbow and hip. It was one of those split second decisions where you have to pick the best of two bad situations. My hip has a fist side scrape with plenty of missing skin and my elbow has a scrape the size of a half dollar.

I was 42 miles into my ride when it happened so I decided to ride to the pool (about .25 mile away) to get bandages. The lifeguard hooked me up and I continued on to work where I cleaned up. Definitely not the way to start your hardest training week. :( I am still planning to swim at lunch so the chlorine can help disinfect the wounds. My evening run may not happen... It really depends how sore I get between now and then. Right now the hip is sore and swelling up some. What really sucks is that I just finished healing from the last accident. On the bright side, it could have easily been worse.

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