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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Training Check Point

Having never attempted a double iron triathlon before I must admit that I am not sure what race day will bring.

The swim: Coming from a swimming background and with the swim being wetsuit legal I am pretty confident that building up to 6000 meters for my peak swim workout will be enough for me to complete the swim leg comfortably. So far my peak workout is 5500 meters averaging just under 1:30/100 meters pace. Right now I would estimate my swim to be right around 2 hours (give or take 5 minutes for hydration breaks and such).

The bike: The bike course is a little under 2.5 miles which requires a U turn at each end. I am told that there is a "little" hill in the middle of the course... Right now I cannot imagine doing 224 miles on such a small course. Heck, right now I cannot imagine doing that many U turns. I am sure the bike handling skills will diminish quickly as the ride progresses. So far I am finding it challenging to ride long enough to get comfortable with the bike distance. Our weather has been getting into the 90s prior to 11:00 AM most days so even though I have been starting my long rides prior to 4:00 AM I am not able to get in the miles necessary before the heat become a factor. I would continue the ride indoors once it warmed up outside, but I currently do not have that option until my new bike frame arrives as the commuter will not fit in the trainer. :( To be comfortable with the bike leg I feel I need to get in a couple 150-175 mile rides...

The run: All I can say is ouch. Dialing back the running has been hard. My legs want to run at 7:00/mile or better as that is what I was doing for my 20+ mile runs in the spring. I completed 3 long runs during the past 3 weekends and have quickly learned to be patient. 52.4 miles is a long way. In fact, I cannot see myself running more than 40 miles for my long run prior to race day. I KNOW the run will hurt. I am mentally ready for my knees to ache, calves to cramp, and quads to give out. In order to get in runs of this distance I have been starting between 3:00-4:00 AM. This is probably a good thing because I have learned that riding and running in the dark is a lot harder than during daylight. It is much harder to push oneself in the dark... The run course is approximately 2 miles and has one pretty good hill at one of the turn arounds. I am sure I will be walking up the hill quite a bit to conserve energy....

Nutrition: I am pretty comfortable with my nutrition plan. I have been able to complete my rides and runs without any GI distress and with relatively good energy. I have been checking my weight pre and post workout so I can determine if my hydration is sufficient or not.

Duration: I am not quite sure how to simulate a 20+ hour race. If the race unfolds as I want it to, I would be done swimming between 9:00-9:15AM. The bike would take 11:45-12:15 hours. That would put me finishing the bike around 9:00 PM. That means I will be finishing the ride in the dark. The run is going to take me 8:00 hours (at least). That has me running 8 hours in the dark... I am told that there are not lights on the course and that each participant is expected to have their own lights... Add all that together plus transitions and misc and you have a 22+ hour race.

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